Cookie Policy

1. Introduction and Scope

This Cookie Policy applies to the website (the "Website"), offered, owned and provided by Rear Window BV, with registered offices at Diestsesteenweg 71, Leuven 3010, Belgium and with company number 0762.549.266, hereinafter "Telraam", "we" or "us".

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information in the form of text files that are placed on the hard disk of your computer when you visit the Website.

3. Which cookies does the Website use?

The Website uses the following cookies:

Required cookies
These are essential cookies because they are simply needed to navigate through the Website and use the functionalities offered. These cookies cannot be refused.
Name of cookie Information that is collected Purpose Expiry date First party of third party
applocale Language preference Avoiding the need for visitors to indicate their language preference each time they visit the Website After 2 years First party
telraam_session The user status (e.g. logged on or off) is stored in an encrypted way Ensuring that the visitor remains logged in even after closing the browser After 2 years First party

Analytical Cookies
To analyse web page visit uses the Plausible. Plausible is a lightweight and open-source website analytics tool. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Made and hosted in the EU.

4. How long do the cookies remain valid?

Session cookies are retained only for the duration of your current browser session. When you close the browser, the cookie disappears.

Permanent cookies remain valid until their expiry date, unless you delete them before.

You can see the exact expiry date of the cookies used in the table above.

5. First and third party cookies

First party cookies are cookies that Telraam places on your device.

Third party cookies will be placed on your device by another party.
Such third party cookies are for example related to Google Analytics.

6. Cookie management

You can manage the use of cookies yourself. By changing the settings of your internet browser, for example, you can ensure that you are notified each time cookies are sent, or you can even prevent cookies from being created or saved on your computer's hard drive. You can also manage and delete cookies via your browser settings.
Browser How to manage and delete cookies via your browser
Apple Safari Read more
Google Chrome Read more
Internet Explorer Read more
Mozilla Firefox Read more
We process the information we collect through our cookies. You can read how this processing is done and what rights you have in our Privacy Statement.